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豉油雞 (淘大廚藝坊)

Chicken with Soy Sauce


淘大頭遍豉油雞汁450毫升1支, 水350毫升, 光雞1隻(約900克)

1. 光雞洗淨, 斬去雞腳, 將雞脾上下拉動20次, 再用手按摩雞胸肉20下, 令雞肉較嫩滑, 飛水, 瀝乾水份。
2. 淘大頭遍豉油雞汁加水350毫升煮滾。
3. 放入雞隻, 雞背向下煮滾, 蓋上蓋, 轉小火煮12分鐘, 開蓋。
4. 反轉雞胸向下, 再蓋上蓋煮13分鐘, 熄火, 待5分鐘後, 開蓋, 把雞隻平均沾上色, 取出, 攤涼後斬件, 排放上碟, 淋上適量雞汁, 即可。

Chicken with Soy Sauce

Ingredients: *four servings
1 bottle Amoy Premium Chicken Marinade 450ml, Water 350ml, 1 whole chicken (about 900g)

1. Wash chicken. Cut off the feet. Pull it thigh and massage chicken breast with your hands for 20 times to make the meat tender. Blanch and drain well.
2. Boil Amoy Premium Chicken Marinade and 350ml water.
3. Boil the chicken in the marinade with the back of the chicken facing down. Cover the lid and cook for 12 mins over low heat. Remove the lid.
4. Turn the chicken upside down with the breast side down. Cover the lid and cook for 13 mins. Turn off the heat and leave for 5 mins. Remove the lid. Baste the chicken with the sauce evenly. Take the chicken out. Cool and cut into pieces. Transfer to plate and pour the marinade over the chicken.